Crown / Onlay

Crown / Onlay

When a lot of the tooth is missing, the tooth becomes very weak and will start to fracture and crumble as it tries to cope with all the hard work that we subject our teeth to.

A crown is a way to help strengthen the tooth and prolong its life. It helps hold the tooth together and reduces the risk of the tooth breaking. They are usually made from ceramic only or metal and ceramic and, rarely, gold only.

A crown will also dramatically improve the appearance of front teeth that have extensive damage due to an accident or cavities.



Dentists always want to hang on to as many healthy teeth as possible when we restore a tooth. We know that the more tooth we hang on to without compromising on strength, the longer that tooth will last.
An onlay helps us do that! Where one portion of a tooth is damaged but the rest is healthy, a filling would not be strong enough for the long term but a crown would involve removing too much healthy tooth. An onlay strengthens the biting surface of the tooth and protects the healthy parts of the tooth from fracture.
Onlays are usually made from porcelain and are bonded to the tooth to create one strong unit.