Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Our primary focus at OC dental is to help you keep as many teeth for as long as possible. Sometimes this is not possible, and we need to remove a tooth. A dental implant is the best way to replace that tooth so that you can continue to eat as normal and to maintain your smile. It consists of a titanium root which moulds with your bone and an implant Crown that is placed on top.

Dental implants are also excellent for when you have lost a lot of teeth and are finding your denture is getting very loose and uncomfortable. Your denture can then be clipped on to the implants giving you a snugger fit.


Why would I need dental implants?

There are many reasons why one may lose a tooth. Whatever the cause for the loss of a tooth, a dental implant is an excellent option to replace the tooth in order to restore the function of chewing, speaking, and aesthetics. Tooth loss may occur as a result of:

Damaged teeth due to tooth decay
Gum disease, periodontal disease
Fractured teeth