Nervous Patient

Nervous Patient

We understand completely that some people find it difficult to come to the dentist. We will try to make your visit as comfortable as possible by listening to your concerns, discussing with you what specific aspects of the visit that you find difficult. We then will, in partnership with you, come up with the best plan for making your visit easier. This could be as simple as giving you earphones with your choice of music, putting on a program for you on the ceiling-mounted TV, giving you a cozy blanket or a squeeze ball.

Inhalation Sedation

For patients who need a little more help, we offer inhalational sedation. This involves giving you a nose piece to wear through which you can inhale nitrous oxide gas. This will within a few minutes make you feel a little floaty and relaxed and take away your anxiety. It also helps the visit go faster.

IV sedation

If you would like to not remember your visit with us at all, we can offer you IV sedation. A drug called Midazolam is put in a vein in your hand or arm and the next thing you will remember will be that you are at home with your family with your treatment completed.
You would need to complete an assessment with us to see if this is an option for you as some people are not suitable due to health reasons. You will need somebody to bring you home after and care for you for the rest of the day.